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Introducing “Sections”, a Kanban Approach within Vavingo

Published by Val Sopi on January 16th, 2017

Introducing “Sections”, a Kanban Approach within Vavingo

Today marks a big day for Vavingo.

We have created a new feature that allows for even more flexibility when managing your tasks and projects.

Previously, Vavingo’s hierarchy was made up of Projects — Lists (Items) — Tasks, where you could even further prioritize tasks with multiple custom-colored Tags.

Now, we’re entering a new phase where Lists can also be organized (but not limited) within Sections, or Kanban if you’d like.

Flexibility at the core

One major-positive difference with Vavingo’s Sections is that they don’t corner your flow in a Kanban-like approach, for every project. You may use them if you please, or continue with a single Process (Section) if you like.


  1. You may have a project where you are utilizing a Kanban approach: An online product which may go through different phases of production until delivery.
  2. Or another project where you are only need a list of tasks to manage: A project in charge of your internal business operations.

Furthermore, Tags still come to the rescue when you want to prioritize and filter your individual tasks (such as URGENT, BUGS, NOTE, IDEA).

Task anatomy

A task in Vavingo can contain multiple tags & multiple people, all sitting nicely within a List/Item (Deliverable) and organized within a Process (Section).

What do Sections mean for Vavingo?

This feature, just like any other in Vavingo, adds upon its flexibility and ease of customization. You are never stuck in one way of working, but always evolving, changing, and adjusting as needs arise.

In a single account, you may use Vavingo to…

Deliver your projects on time

Vavingo can be used with various Projects management methods. It’s up to you how you take advantage of its flexible & customizable system, even on project basis.

Possibilities are endless in a system like Vavingo, where everything is interchangeable and flexible to suit any situation within a project.

On top of all this, everything in Vavingo is permanent and nothing is ever lost. You can track changes and edits within a single task & even learn when (and if) your co-workers have seen your comment. Among many other possibilities.

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About the Author

Val Sopi is the Founder and Chief Everything at Vavingo. You can find him coding, designing, writing, and even answering customer-care questions without ever complaining one bit.

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