The Ultimate 15 Step-by-step Guide to Starting Your Design Business and Succeeding Within Your First 3-months


The Ultimate 15 Step-by-step Guide to Starting Your Design Business and Succeeding Within Your First 3-months

Take the leap

Start your very own design business

“To hell with this. They don’t get me. I should start my own design firm!”

This is something we hear over-and-over again. Heck, I’ve even said it myself, before I took the leap.

I also know that…

  1. You are sick and tired of changes your designs go through and don’t look anything like the initial idea.
  2. You know you deserve to get paid more, but your salary just doesn’t make sense.
  3. You don’t want to work for just any client that walks through the door.
  4. You are envious of your designer friends who are less capable, but crushing it with their design business.
  5. You want to make the leap, but are afraid of financial insecurities ahead.

To be able to overcome these fears you need someone to show you the way.

You need a tested system in place that will help you get to the next level.

What is this exactly?

This is not rocket science. There is an easy way to make the leap and start your design business. The road ahead is demanding, but as you become a master of creating repeat business you will notice an exponential growth.

With this system you will…

  • Make the leap, without jeopardizing your finances.
  • Increase your prices with value-based pricing.
  • Have clients find you and be booked months ahead of time.
  • Create a following and generate buzz for your personal brand.
  • Work less and do more

There is an easy way to make the leap!

It’s never been easier to start your very own financially-successful design-business. Tools and marketplaces available have overwhelmingly increased the chances of success.

Global doors are wide-open for you to serve any client anywhere in the world. There are clients looking exactly for your service! Furthermore, there are thousands of qualified employees and remote teams ready to start working for you.

You can literally achieve your 6-figure dream-income if you just take the leap!

The ease of building products & services that you can easily replicate and help thousands of people around the world, makes the whole process that much more enjoyable.

Your new design business can create & deliver a design service to a client a couple of time-zones away. No longer, you are confined inside the walls of your employer. Instead your are enjoying your chosen lifestyle while delivering an incredible service to your client. This Free Email-course will show you how.

Picture a new reality where you are working normal hours and making more than $20,000 in monthly income, just for yourself (not calculating your company’s revenue).

How do we know this stuff?

We’ve done it with our design business and with our online products while serving clients in the US, Canada, South America, Europe, Shanghai, Australia, South Africa, and any other place imaginable. We’ve seen our clients do it and learned from them. We’ve seen from our products’ aggregate data how our users optimize their production, by working less and delivering more.

Why are we doing this?

We’ve been in this for so long, that we simply are sick-and-tired of seeing designers with great potential like you being stuck at a job (even if it pays good) while you could be out there grabbing every ripe opportunity there is. No more dead-end jobs for the hard-working deserving designer! Yes, the world is vast and the competition is fierce, but the abundance out there makes it possible for each and everyone of us to take our share, if we’re willing to dedicate, believe, and take action!

We’ve spoken to teams, clients, and companies about what works best and have brought our lessons, experiences, and findings in this Free Email course.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone wanting to start their own design business or anyone else in a design business feeling stuck without any inspiration how to move forward.

You could be working at a job, which pays great, but you’re simply not happy or you might have just graduated college.

Or, you might even be a young parent thinking about the future of your family and how you can provide more.

Ultimately, you are someone that works hard (read: smart) and is ready to relentlessly turn the page for a greater and more prosperous life.


Everything we are promising you will achieve after taking the course, will take guts, hard-work, and dedication. No-one has ever in the history of human kind achieved a consistent successful outcome by thinking and not doing. Yes, there are one-hit wonders, but we (You and I) are not one of them. We want to consistently and forever reap the benefits of our hard work.

What’s the cost of this course?

The value of this course is in the thousands. The cost of it? —Priceless!

If we were to measure the impact it will have on the profitability of your design business, we would have to partner in your new success.

Imagine an extra $15,000 per month in new revenue. Wouldn’t you pay 5% of that to someone that showed you how?

But… this Course is completely FREE!

That’s it, nada, zero, zilch. You pay nothing! There is no “pay-anything-you-want” scheme… Seriously!

The course is yours to have, forever, for FREE.

Free as the summer breeze. Free as the mountain powder under your skis. Free as in you being able to spend more time with your family while making more money.

Read it, share it with your peers, do whatever you want with it. But, do follow and take action on what it will teach you!

All we care about is that you are inspired to become the best version of yourself!

What will you learn?

This course is meticulously designed to help you succeed in various areas that are necessary to run a profitable design business. These are actionable steps that do not require lifting 500lbs weights, however they require updating the way you think about success and money.

During the entire duration of the course we are available to help clarify anything that you might come across. Just write us at

Remember: The course is quite aggressive in the sense that it will require for you to move along and start making life-changing decisions that will increase your profits.

Listed below are specific modules that you will be taking action on, from day one:

1. Taking the leap

Leaving behind your status quo. How to confidently and safely start your business without jeopardizing your monthly income.

2. Finding new clients at no cost

Specific channels where your clients are looking for your business. How to find new clients that will fill-up your pipeline time and again.

3. Staffing

The pros and cons of working with Remote and Permanent employees. How to utilize yourself less in product and more in delivery and customer success.

4. Leadership

Best-practices in running a happy office. How to comfortably lead a business in a constantly changing work environment.

5. Operations

Necessary regulations that secure your company’s well-being. How to make sure your business is running smoothly in the eyes of authorities.

6. Project Management

Specific steps that deliver successful projects. How to deliver on time and not hold back your scheduled payments.

7. Office or not

The benefits of not having an office and when it’s an absolute must. What is the best fit for the nature of work you do.

8. Tools

Online and offline tools that help you avoid pitfalls. How to best utilize these tools to help your team succeed.

9. Innovation

Key areas of constant improvement. How to stay current with the latest trends & channels in the design world and beyond.

10. Promotion

Overpowering your competition. How to promote and increase your brand awareness in the eyes of your clients.

11. Pricing

Increase your profits. A Proven method on how to increase your value in the eyes of your new and current clients.

12. Agency vs Studio

Specializing in a specific niche or a 1-Stop-shop. Which set-up is right for your offering.

13. Working hard vs Working smart

Stop overworking yourself. How to work less so you have time to do more.

14. Products and Services

Steady streams of revenue. Various things you can repeatedly sell to your clients that will generate new cool recurring revenue.

15. Fame and Fortune

Be known! How to create a following that makes it easier for you to close new deals.

The first step in getting started is not being afraid of success.

Imagine new clients you’ve never heard of waiting in line for your offering.

Take the leap

Start your very own design business

About the Author

With close to 20-years of working in the industry, Val Sopi is the ultimate go-to guy for his clients and his peers when it comes to delivering projects on time, staying profitable, managing teams, and making clients successful. This course was developed based on personal experience, peer discussions, and Vavingo user-wide interviews.